About themes of the last lectures.

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About themes of the last lectures.

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I would like to make some comment about the themes of the last lectures. It seemed to me that you were speaking that nowadays people tired of all the new age things and talks. And it seems to you that people don't ask so much question because they know all aspects in gross.

I think based on my experience that people nowadays just in their daily activities sometimes lose the essence. Sometimes for me a nice music give a good impulse to remember all it again with more deepness. The impulse can be also from some image (moment) in life. So what I say is - I think we can't be bored about spirituality. We can forget it for some time but it needs some spark and we in it again. What else except spirituality around us? Nothing. And your Saturday talks help us get together with ourselves, maybe not every time, but most of the time. Nice balance with our blind life.

Thank you.
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Thank you. :026
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