22 july lection: Yes, inspiration is the key point.

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22 july lection: Yes, inspiration is the key point.

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Inspiration is the key point. It is key point not only in spiritual/mystic practices. It is key point in professional work also.

So, it is interesting where to find inspiring energy. Also, there is a kind of inspiration energy that looks like free from rajas. Of course, my definition 'free from rajas' is not precise. While reading Mike Newton's book, I noticed interesting energy of creative power in souls' speeches. This energy of creative power amazingly seems to be free from rajas. What is the source of such energy?
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It is the nature of spiritual energy to be creative. How we are creative depends on our personal characteristics. Defining creativity as passion would only be valid if there was not negative connotation to the word 'passion' and one is allowed to fire up the creativity when the opportunity arises.
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