Midnight Coffee

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Midnight Coffee

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From 12 March 2011.

Listen at: https://harimedia.net/downloads/lecture ... Coffee.mp3

Acceleration at Midnight: An unexpected sequence of rapidly accelerating events at inappropriate times.
What can we do?

"...the Bengalis say: "The worst possible thing is death, and even death is not so bad. So what is there to worry about?!" Right now that's pretty good philosophy.

"I know the difference between my thought, and a thought that appears. Because we have been practicing to connect to the deities, to connect to the divine, to connect with others. A byproduct of this is that we have learned the art of knowing what our thoughts sound like. No! Not even sound. What our thoughts feel like."

"When you are totally relaxed and within connected to what you are. Essence. You feel that Essence, that Being that is you." "The thought at that time is very clear, crystalline, in the fact that it is permeated by your energy and it reflects your energy. It is your energy. The thought and your energy are not different."

..Last night I had a dream. And the final conclusion of it, which was shown to me like a title, I assumed that it would be the title of this lecture. The title was, "Midnight Coffee." Now at midnight, I mean if you're a normal person, you would not expect to drink coffee. Especially for me, I mean I drink tea, green tea, so to drink coffee at midnight, for me, would imply a completely contrary thing. Something that was totally out of character, something that was unexpected and something that would accelerate me at a time when I would want to totally sleep and relax. In other words quite the opposite from what would be expected.

Now on top of that, the subject of the dream at that point was: I was handed a ticket to get on a train. And as I'm running to find the train, the train is pulling out of the station. And so I just have to jump on the running train and just fall into it. And when I do that I look back and my bags are not with me, I don't have any bags. It's not like they're even waiting on the platform, they're just not there. And than I see the headline: "Midnight Coffee," like a movie is beginning. Like a title of a movie has appeared, "Midnight Coffee."

Now ordinarily I don't know if I would have taken all that so seriously. But considering the events of yesterday, I'm taking it very seriously. Now unless you live on Mars, you have heard about the extraordinary events in Japan. And that has also impacted the entire pacific region. And if you are familiar with Edgar Cayce, you know that this events are not ordinary, this is something which is indicating a very far-reaching consequence of events that will unfold rapidly.

One doesn't know if predictions made by him are true or not but so far they're doing pretty good. And I would say that: Well, if I lived in California and at this point if any time soon, or any time, Mount Vesuvius or Mount Pele erupt, volcanoes, I would get the hell out of California.


..The situations that we are confronting are extraordinary. The consequences are yet to unfold. Now not considering the specific problems of dealing with the physical consequences and simply thinking of it in a way which we (We meaning those of us who have followed what, or have shared with the events leading up to the creation of Harimedia and all of the things that we do) you have a different prospective on life. I would not say it's a unique perspective because after all there are others who share it in this world.

But I would say that we have a perspective which is different than perhaps the larger mass of humanity. Our perspective is something which is significant to us, and also significant to what I'm discussing today - Midnight Coffee. But the physical reality of the earth, creating such enormous changes, expected changes, I've been thinking about this for more than thirty years.

When I even spoke about it in that old book about the social systems in the very early eighties people laught at me. They though: "A crazy, hysterical paranoid." Naturally I am that too perhaps. Sometimes people say that I'm the president of the paranoids club. But I see reasons to worry. So my nature - I'm not saying whether it's the way to be or not, I'm not saying good or bad, I'm simply saying my nature - is to try to look as far as I can ahead, and make adjustments that I can make, to situate myself and others in a way which is the best possible solution, according to the vision of the present.

Now as you know, hindsight is twenty twenty. Which means that when you look back your vision is perfect, you see everything perfectly and clearly. You can see why things were the way they were. You can look at events and say, that was because of this, and this led to that, and naturally it all meant this.

It's easy to do so because events have already taken place. And now they fall into the category of history, they are recorded somewhere, by someone anyway. So they are not difficult to deal with, they are already there. There's a pattern. Now, the trick is to see that pattern and predict a future pattern.

So trying to make arrangements right now from scratch, it's still possible but I don't know about the result. Who can say?! But having done it before, probably would have been superior. But hey! In my dream I was handed a ticket, jumped in a moving train. Maybe that's the message: Midnight Coffee. You take a whole pot of coffee, your brain is just accelerating on caffeine, everything is just flying, and you just jump on that train.

Maybe you don't even know where you're going. And maybe that's the point. Acceleration we've seen has been occurring. We've talked about it over the years. How the frequency of the earth is increasing, how the solar winds are inundating us with increased photon activity, enormous solar activity, geomagnetic storm.

The next full Moon, next Saturday at least here, is going to be a Supermoon. A Supermoon means, it's closest possible to Earth. Astronomically speaking the moon does not move on the plain of the ecliptic, it does not move in a perfect orbit. Because it's not on the plain of the elliptic, it moves kind of like in a curved rectangle or square, it's very hard to describe it in words, you'd have to see a picture. So, every twenty years or so the Moon is very close to the Earth, more than ever before.


..And historically speaking this usually coincide with enormous natural upheavals, chaos, enormous hurricanes. Katrina in New Orleans, that large hurricane in America, which caused so much devastation, happened during an occasion when the Moon was quite close. There were earthquakes in other places during last cycles. So anyway, it's not like a regular event.

But it's a Supermoon now coming up. It also happens to be Lord Caitanya's appearance day. I have no clue what that's supposed to mean. But I do see that this situation that happened in Japan, is related to the Supermoon one way or another. People are observing that the Moon itself looks different than it ever looked before in the night sky. That is probably due and part to its proximity to Earth. And because of that, the way the Earth blocks out the Sun, which is reflecting on the Moon, looks different because it's closer. So it would be like bigger, or it will have a different form because of the circular curve when it's closer will have a different form on the Moon.

But it's something happening. People talking about the shifting quality of the magnetic poles, the rapid melting of the icecaps, and this tsunami which had like amazing power. So okay, this is the world of physicality, but we live in it. And when the world of physicality hits us so heavily, it throws us. We are already in an accelerated environment, frequency wise, photon wise.

And now the physical vibrations created in this ring of fire which rings the Pacific basin so to speak. All the way up Australia, New Zealand, Honking, China, all the way up through Russia, all the way around Alaska, down to... Not of course... I don't know if exactly Alaska, but across over the West Coast of United States and down to Chile, it has significance. Okay we won't talk about radiation, which is all of a sudden started to manifest from this failed reactors. In Japan I hope you in Vladivlostok are aware that you should not believe whatever they say. Because they're not going to tell you, they blu it or they can't control it. Just be ready for that. Just like Chernobyl, nobody really knew until it was too late.

So, right now be very much in the mood of taking care of yourselves. Doing something, considering what is the most essential things in your life. And making some arrangement that this essential things would be taken care of. And having a backup plan. If you're a family, have a plan of where you will meet, if you can't connect with each other.

For example, if you're all spread out for some reason. Have specific times of the day, and a specific place, where you will go if you can't connect with each other. You can't speak on the phone or you have no idea. Or if you are in another city, where you will meet in that city. For example the main post office at 8 am noon or 6 pm - something like that. Wherever you know you might be or the last place you might have been at.

I mean, it's a simple thing that could have enormous impact if and when you need it. If you don't need it, fine. If you do need it, you will be incredibly grateful. Same with some food. Whatever it is that you can think of. Of corse without water nobody lives.

I was thinking about community all this time because if you can create some kind of community that can at least have people together, who can work together when they need to, it could be an enormously beneficial thing. I think whether or not you like each other is less important, during times of acceleration, than whether or not you can live together. And I really mean it in the most general terms live.


..Now, during times of crisis the character of what you are, is very much tested. And that's why I think that what we have been discussing is very important. Because okay! Dealing with a crisis is one thing, but what do you do afterwards? Now usually what happens is: The normal scene of events is: A crisis happens, things crumble, regardless of who people are or what they know, or what's their spiritual advancement. People get together and they deal with the situation. They grieve together, they than clean up together, fix together.

But after that, is when the real work starts. The how you rebuild life? It's different now. Because if you have the choice to rebuild life in an old frequency, or you wanna rebuild life in a new frequency, you're not - if you have already shifted within - you're not going to choose the old frequency. If you have not shifted within you will choose the old frequency.

And when the physicality reflects that choice, you will have two very opposite plans, two very opposite manifestations. As far as I've seen there's a lot of discussion, even amongst those who ordinarily are quite dull, that everything has to change. That we have to get energy in another way, we have to be more compatible, and so on. But that's not going to happen, so long as money is not to be made in the same quantities, over the same period of time, as it would be made in the old frequency. Because money is the deciding factor. Ideology is a second, or perhaps even third, factor in decision making. Convenience being the second. I maybe even push it down more.

The idea being that community means not depending on the powers, that P with big quotation marks, because the quotation marks are on different levels because there are powers that be in. Besides that, there are many levels. So without considering that, by dealing in a community level there's a posibility, there's a potential to be alternatively situated. Okay, let's put it another way. Situated according to the frequency which is more compatible to what we are, that's more compatible with our own frequency.

Now midnight coffee. Nobody really wants it. But a big pitcher full is going down the throat, accelerant. And sometimes there's no time to make a decision. The decision has to flow from what you are.

It's not like you can lament about it. Or you can of corse, not always but sometimes. It's not like you can lament about it. It's not like you can ponder it for a long period of time, and gradually make a change. Sometimes it's: "Here this thing is, decide now!" Earthquake, everything's moving. It's not like you can take your time and figure it out. You have to know where to go!

Well, if you live in an earthquake place, you know where to go. In a doorway. In a doorway near some very significant structure. And than as fast as possible, when there's a possibility, get out of the structure. But not until it stops. Because you don't know what's gonna fall down. So there's a little skill there, there's a little knowledge. You don't hide under the kitchen table. You stand with your arms holding besides of a doorway. Because you're by a wall. Ceilings generally don't fall into doorways. Well, you never know. But at least that's the best spot to be.

So it's a little practical knowledge. But that's as much as you got a possibility to choose. Because it's... an earthquake doesn't tell you: "Hello! We gonna be here in ten minutes." It just happens. So what do you do? You react. How do you react? According to what you are. If you have like a knowledge, you know where to go. If you don't have knowledge, you have no idea.


..The whole point, let's say of a transformation that happens suddenly, is that you flow with your aquirements or your nature. You flow with what you are. It's not something you have time to think about. It's something that just happens. It's... Okay! You may be moving faster. But it doesn't mean you're moving differently.

You're still the same person, you're still the same consciousness, you're still the same person who decides. The decision maker, the chooser - you're the same. But it's happening at such a pace that the usual luxury of when you can make that decision is gone. It has to be now.

And when it's life or death decision, the adrenal glands pump out incredible amounts of that hormone Adrenalin, that's related to the flight or fight reflex. And what you are will work with those hormones, to create some kind of a response. And that response always includes other people.

If you are fleeing and you see another person who's stranded, you will help them. It will just be natural. You will have a very hard time running away and leaving someone else to die, when you could have helped them. Wich is not... Well, of corse it depends on who you are. Of corse you take care of your family first. Especially if you've got children, that's what you do. But I'm just saying: I'm not saying, this is gonna happen. I'm not saying, you should prepare for it. This is something you can't prepare for anyway. But whatever you are, will flow from you instantly.

It doesn't matter whether you've cultivated, or nourished, that flow. When a test happens like this, it's no longer dependant on that. Because it will happen anyway. Whether you are prepared, highly advanced, totally noted, at all ready. It doesn't matter. Non of these things matter. All that is, will be: Whatever you are, will manifest.

Now, I have for many years been trying to encourage that what you are, to be something that can connect. Let's talk about that. Because that's the key to survival. Midnight coffee is an Adrenalin for survival. And survival, when you're dealing with situations that are so far beyond your human capacity, very much depends on connect. That word: "Connect, to connect." It's a verb: To connect. And the connections you have from that - that endeavour to connect - you've already done it.

Those of you who are here, those of you who are doing what you do with me, you've already done it. It's not like you have to struggle to do it. It's done. But now, you have to lissen! If ever there was a time to lissen, it's now!

If you hear: "Leave the building!" Don't think, leave it! Even if you're standing on the street and saying: "Why did I do that?" Don't lament! Don't chastise yourself! Right now "better safe than sorry." If you hear: "Prepare for that."

Usually what happens? I'll tell you how it happens with me, maybe it happens with you like that. I'm doing something, you know about... I probably shared this with you maybe two, three weeks ago. Honestly my conception of time is really gone right now. But two, three weeks ago - or something like that - I was walking, and I heard.

Now, I know the difference between my thought, and a thought that appears. Because we have been practicing to connect to the deities, to connect to the divine, to connect with others. A byproduct of this, is, that we have learned the art of knowing what our thoughts sound like. No! Not even sound. What our thoughts feel like.


.. Because sound, I mean, obviously it's a misnomer for a thought. But what our thoughts feel like. And what the thoughts, that are not ours, feel like when you are in this situation of meditation. When you are totally relaxed and within connected to what you are. Essence. You feel that Essence, that Being that is you.

The thought at that time... And you should not feel badly that there is thought, no-one said you shouldn't think. The thought at that time is very clear, crystalline, in the fact that it is permeated by your energy and it reflects your energy. It is your energy. The thought and your energy are not different.

So you are feeling it. You're feeling it. You are, shall we say, you are feeling it in such a way that it is integral with your Essence. And when you have that experience - which you do - have faith in yourself. You understand the feeling of thought that is not you.

Now a lot of that thought could be from other people. Other peoples pain, for instance. The pain that other people are projecting upon you, or desire other people are projecting upon you, and so on. But that feeling is accompanied by a cloud. It's not like something which is of that Essence that we are. So you learn to filter it out, or to block it out, or to push it away.

But that thought that appears, that we're looking for as a survival mechanism, is that thought of guidance. That thought of guidance that is here to give us assistance. I have been hearing that for long time. For me it's been a process of figuring out whether I can trust it or not. Filtering out things and figuring out what I can trust or not. And seeing that, seeing that - the result - and gaining confidence that: "Yes, it is so!" Which now has me to blind acceptance. You know, when I hear it, and if it has some kind of mood to it, like sudden, or urgent, or do it now! I just do it.

I may lament about it later, I don't even care. That's not even in my mind. Instant reaction. I was walking two, three weeks ago and I heard: "Expect very big changes soon." And that was all. It's not like there was a conversation. For some reason it comes as a declaration, not as a conversation. So, I was like: "Wow! What does that mean?" Now I know.

So listen! And it's not that you're gonna hear it in a state of meditation. You might, I don't know. But whenever you hear it: If you're walking, if you're in the shower - usually not water, it stops it - but if you're cooking, or you're just sitting, or you..., whatever, and you feel it, you feel that thought declaration, or you feel that statement. Take it seriously!

At least so much as you can prove it later on. If you have time to do that kind of proving. I'm kind of saying: Even if you don't have time, take it seriously! It might be the difference between life and death, or disturbance and life, or whatever. I don't know. I honestly don't know how to help all of you more. But I feel that, even at the risk of sounding like a believer in apocalypse, which I'm not. I am a believer in - if I hear it, and if it has a meaning I can understand - like you know: "Get up." Than get up! I don't know what more to say. Flow with it!

Midnight coffee means: It's not going to be expected. It's going to be totally unexpected. In other words you can't prepare. You can't prepare... Wait, run that back. Of corse you can prepare. You can prepare by having various things in case this, in case that, in case the other thing. Usual junk food, medical supplies, water, emergency plants. Okay!


..But I mean to say, midnight coffee' means: that train, jumping in a train. It's, you really can't prepare for everything. And it's possible, whatever it is, is gonna be very unexpected. And the difference between a successful dealing with it and not, may simply be something you heard thirty seconds before it happens. I don't know, maybe it has thirty days before it happens. I don't know, I can't say. I don't know your connection. I can even predict my own.

But I know it's very active up there right now. Many movements around, many preparations. People up there who are (Okay, we don't call them people, whatever), are moving to around to be in the right place at the right time with various personalities. It's all been shifted. Matrix is been redesigned rapidly to acomadate new situations. And they are changing - rapidly.

And so be aware of it! Look up! Allow yourself to be aware! And allow yourself to be moved by that! When and if time is there to be moved. And expect it to be unexpected! Expect whatever is there, to be unexpected! Because that's the characteristic of what's going on. It's unexpected acceleration - pushing.

Maybe not even pushing. Because pushing you can feel, and you can... Pushing is part of a resistance, because the very word means: There's an object which is being pushed. Which is: That means some kind like a resistance is there. Because pushing means, you're pushing a resistant thing. Not necessarily that it's resisting this way. But it has weight or it has inertia, there's physics principles of pushing.

But it could be pulling, sucking, accelerating by pulling you out - pulling. Like if you are down and somebody lifts you up by the hands. It's like a pulling. Because pushing means: You're kind of looking from behind. Or even if you turned around, and somebody pushes you. But it's different than when you're been pulled. And I think in our case, pulling is more the what we should expect as an energetic situation.

Pulling, "Move there, out of the way!" Maybe pushing if we're just not to dull to be pulled - I don't know. But unexpected, that I know. Great! I'm totally convinced that unexpected is the mood, is the mode. It's the way it happens unexpected. Great! That gives us no information whatsoever. It gives us no information. Because unexpected it means: You don't expect it.

If you can't possible expect it, than that gives you no information. So you prepare for what you can, knowing full well it may have no meaning whatsoever. Yet, that preparation, what it does is: It tunes you to planing; it tunes you to a future; it tunes you to situating yourself in the most beneficial way. It tunes you, that preparation.

To not prepare at all? I don't know. I don't think it's very useful. Because it doesn't tune you properly. So if you are tuned to the preparation - even if not one thing that you prepared for, is used - but being in tune with preparation tunes you to all kinds of energies all over the universe. Which are right now very close, closer than most people could ever imagine. It's like there is an entire reality swimming just within our.., almost within our reach.

So flow with it! Float with it! Get pulled with it! See it! See it lifting up! See it lifting you up! See it being of service! Seeing of trying to situate. Seeing of giving advice. Seeing, well, feeling that Message.


..More than this, there's very little you can do. And in the meantime go on with your life, go on with your preparations. But have one eye in reality - the physicality - and one eye just above. That's a figurative expression, one eye above. One eye holding on to that net of safety.

Hey, listen! Even if you die it's no big deal. At least you'll be in good company. You know like the Bengalis say: "The worst possible thing is death, and even death is not so bad. So what is there to worry about?!" Right now that's pretty good philosophy.

Now, I think that we have done a lot of work, a lot of work. A lot of it, not all of it, is recorded, it's available. You know how to research, you know how to analyse. You know how to experiment and come to your own conclusions. You know your own defects and you know your own blindness. And I'd say, that's pretty fantastic.

You even know how to answer your own questions right now. Because you know where you are blind and you know where to find such an answer. You know how to ask for answers. I mean after all, if for some reason communication was cut of, how would you feel connected? Well, you would enter on to that plain where connections transcend physical wires, and the flow will continue.

How about this? Regardless of what happens, regardless of whether there's communication or not available - telephones, internet, whatever - on Saturday when we're about to start this lecture, 10 am Eastern Time, 6 pm Moscow Time, whatever your time is around the world - we're gonna get together. Whether or not there's a video or not, we're gonna get together and we're gonna connect as a group. And we're going to work with each other, we're going to assist each other, we're going to have that flow and that connection, wherever we are in this world. That's our emergency, that's our main post office. And in that way we'll always have that connection.

And I think that will nourish, that will support. And that is good. And on that note I'm gonna stop. There's not much more I could say anyway in the subject of "Midnight Coffee." You have your own way of seeing it, you have your own way of dealing with it. You have your own lives, you have your own energy, you have those persons who you love and who you wish to protect and nourish. You know what you can do as a service to this world. And so we can do.

And in the meantime we are peaceful. Not contributing to the hysteria of world chaos, but staying together and holding the structure of this planet. So at this time I would ask that everybody go into a meditative state. I'm not going to do relaxation. Because you should by now simply be able to enter into that state at will, by saying that you're now entering the meditative state.
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