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Dear Hari,
Just a few dayes I was thinking about what I know about mind and so many questions arises, so I decided to write it.
Mind is the most mysterious organ( if it is proper to say like that) of us actually it is us itself as I understand since we feel our self through mind.
If it is us itself what is the use to differ it from ourselves, from our soul?
Even as I understand our senses feelings dwelling in the mind and is actually part of mind and also intelligence is just the part of mind
it is not separately existing organ .Since whatever we feel we feel in the mind and whatever calculation and analyses we do we do in our mind.
And when one live this body mind doesn't disappear or replaced by anything else it is forever with us it just change its quality/
But this is just my speculations/
I don't know what is in reality.

So the questions is.

Is the present mind forever part of our souls and actually us itself,?
Is let say subtle senses just a part of the mind,?
IS intelligence just a some function of mind or it exist as separate let say organ,?
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Re: mind

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When we speak of the mind, do we refer to something that exists in a form like a container, or as a space within which something moves? Or more generally, are we referring to our capacity to think? And if we only refer to our capacity to think, do we mean conscious thoughts we are aware of -- those loud ones that are at the forefront of our consciousness -- or do we include the thoughts, considerations, or vague ruminations that rumble just under the surface only to appear at odd times? Or do we include the deepest, darkest, subconsciousness that includes trauma and so on?

If we define the mind to be something like a container or a fixed space (like our room at home) then the idea of it perhaps NOT moving with us to some other place in another lifetime makes sense. If we consider the mind to be where our thoughts are, our thoughts are related to what is in our consciousness at that time and since our consciousness always goes where we go, then so does our capacity to think.

Subtle senses are inherent within our consciousness that is the symptom of the always existing essence we are. Our capacity to reason, our fundamental intelligence, is also a symptom of our ever-existing awareness. We power our bodies with the conscious awareness that is natural within essence. Since we are essence, wherever we go, whatever form we take, the power that makes us who we are remains the same.

People think about different things when they are stimulated by their environment or their social interactions and so on. We think about the loud noises in the city when we are in the city, otherwise if we are in nature our thoughts are different. If someone wrongs us, our thoughts dwell on this injustice. None of this is permanent because it appears and disappears according to our situation. Although our bodies influence our thoughts, the capacity to think and plan, feel and will, create and invent or express how we feel or think remains always within the soul.
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