Introduction to Spiral Dynamics

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Introduction to Spiral Dynamics

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As we struggle to form a community or get ourselves together or individually into a better and evolved society, the following development from Clare Graves called "Spiral Dynamics" can be of great service.

Below please find the excert from the articel "Introduction to Spiral Dynamics"
The whole article can be found and downloaded here: ... s-1007.pdf

The .ppt presentation in Russian please download from here:

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5.6 Sixth Code: Green
Recognising the need for human connection and the care for other people propels the change out of the materialistic dash of Orange into a more feeling and considerate phase of Green. There is a prevailing sense of equality and a desire to share the resources of the plane equitably and in a sustainable way. Decisions are no longer driven through by authority and power but sought through reconciliation and consensus.

Sensitivity and sense of caring replace the cold logic of materialism and with them a new sense of the human spirit, which enriches the life experience. A strong rejection of the earlier materialism and clinical pragmatism of Orange emerges and a desire to remove greed and create harmony replaces personal objectives. A sense of community and common purpose becomes paramount. Diversity is welcomed with the proviso that it enhances and enriches the experience for all. There is a sense of a growing family, respecting feelings and working for the common good. This is the birth place of Political Correctness and policies of inclusion and acceptance, at any cost.

Doubts about the effectiveness of collective decision making and a sense of wider connection within the universe, start to engender a resurgence of
personal empowerment. The focus on caring for all comes at a price and doubts around the sustainability and wisdom of supporting all regardless of
cost starts the process of movement and change. The attachment to group think dissolves and a rediscovered self, equally at
home in company or in solitude, with a greater confidence and a greater sense of spiritual connection starts to emerge.

5.7 Seventh Code: Yellow
Clare Graves described the change from the sixth to the seventh code as a “momentous leap.” It is a change into another order of thinking, a great shift where a glimpse of the whole becomes visible. We will see that at earlier codes it is difficult to relate to others at different codes to our own; but at the seventh code we can hold multiple perspectives simultaneously and recognise them as both valid and different. We can view the whole spectrum of the Spiral with its complexity and elegance.

Chaos is the playground of Yellow. Ebb and flow, catastrophic change and subtle adaptation are all valid models and can be embraced, understood and meshed into effective processes which are far greater than the sum of the pieces. Flex and flow become the natural rhythms. Companies,
organisations and even nations grow, collapse, morph and evolve. Scenario planning is replaced by true flexibility capable of responding to whatever is as and when it arises. Whatever is right today may not be right tomorrow.

The seventh code embraces a far greater understanding of complexity and sees solutions appropriate to the prevailing life conditions and relevant to
those experiencing them. Leadership becomes the implementation of what the planet, people, organisation, needs rather than what it wants. It is not clear yet what the constraints of a Yellow system will be that propel the next set of codes on a more widespread basis. In the second tier, the .“ I / We.” oscillation begins to take on new character, being not just the individual I/We, but swings between anthropocentric and holistic collective of our planet and universe. In Yellow, we may still put human survival first. Competition may still echo up from first tier. We still retain elements of the belief that .“I.”, or a more local .“We.” can thrive when others are not thriving. But slowly a sense of the Great Picture starts to draw us away to the eighth code. We see not only the chaos and complexity of this world but the interconnectedness of all life-forms and of all sciences. We recognise the mirroring of the micro in the macro. We get drawn towards the world of quantum reality, spirituality and the sheer wholeness of all.

5.8 Eighth Code: Turquoise
There is no distinction between self and the universe; there is an interconnectedness that irrevocably links all forms of life and matter in one
integrated whole. Everything connects to everything and nothing happens without influencing everything else.

There is both self and non-self and no division between. All forms of energy interconnect to influence each other so no action is seen in isolation.
This is the true holism that is behind holistic, not the Purple ritual and awe of something little understood. But it contains a re-emergence of the
shamanistic and intuitive forms of perception that have been absent since Blue systems separated us from the natural world, and Orange science made non-material forms of perception untrustworthy. Inner knowing is reawakened, adding to our Yellow map of complexity in a way that links deep spirituality with the ability to do whatever needs to be done for the greater good of the whole.

There is a clear vision that we are the sum of not only all the people that we have been, but the sum of all our ancestors and who they have been. Multiple perspectives are easily held and balanced, not for compromise, but for the greater good. This is the greatest complexity of thinking that we understand currently and yet the doubt starts to generate the change process as our understanding of the universe unravels to reveal yet greater complexity than we ever imagined.

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