Announcing the publication of "Living Energy" by Hari

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Announcing the publication of "Living Energy" by Hari

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Hari's latest book, "Living Energy," is now available to be purchased on Amazon in North America and Europe and other areas. Although Amazon publishes books in the format of their Kindle ebook reader, one can read these books equally well on any Apple iOS device or almost all Android devices that have the Amazon Kindle app installed or some compatible ebook reader.

The book is also available for the Nook on Barnes and Noble, and is available on iTunes or iBooks through Apple. Just search for the title or my name.

"Living Energy" is also available immediately on in paperback format. This link will bring you to my page where you can order the book. CreateSpace is Amazon's publishing site and by March 27th the printed book will be available on Amazon sites around the world.

Here are links to the ebook edition: ... 0149397990 ... B00IT3157M ... B00IT3157M

One can always just search for the title and my name on other sites.

I, Hari, thank everyone who assisted me to produce this book. Please spread the word by recommending the book to your friends to increase distribution.

I am currently working on the next book.
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Re: Announcing the publication of "Living Energy" by Hari

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Thank you for information. I have just downloaded it and will read with great interest. Good luck with the next one.
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Re: Announcing the publication of "Living Energy" by Hari

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Good Luck!dear Hari :019
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