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Re: Zonal Acharya, Living Guru, Ritvik , Self Effulgent Acha

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prajalpaspeaker wrote:Hare Krishna dear Hari Prabhu,

This is pretty cool, being able to actually correspond with one of Iskcon's past "Good as God" type guys! No disrespect intended.

As you can see from the title here, I am asking about the different types of "gurus" that seem to be available to Iskcon devotees.

My question is after so many years of being part of Iskcon, indeed being part of the Zonal Acharya period even, what do you think is the correct idea, for initiations in Iskcon?.

I have thought about these different "gurus" some, and feel that the right thing would have been to have Prabhupada as our Guru for Iskcon after he left us physically. And wait for the next "Self Effulgent Acharya" using the list of names perhaps as our "ritviks" (representative of acharya). But I have never felt comfortable with anything done by tamal krishna, who wrote that famous july 9,77 letter. Even if it appears to have Prabhupada's Signature obscured by the Krishna Balarama Logo on the original.

I am sorry if this has already been gone over here on your site, and someone please dirrect me to the spot, and I will be informed if it already has been.

It is kind of shocking to me to read your bio Hari Prabhu, and see that you joined just a few short years before I did, and you were always respectfull towards me, I appreciated that, but how could you really be "as good as God" back then?

Others please don't fear that I am here to uphold the "ritvik" doctrine, I am not. But after being in Iskcon for many years and giving so much to the institution, and then finding out that many of the Iskcon Gurus after Srila Prabhupada were only faking their exalted status, I have gone back to faith simply in Prabhupada as our only Guru. And seeing the role of Initiations as being second to being a follower first.
SO Sir:Do You mind to try to explain How to deal with the leader issue at the moment When Srila Prabhupadas Vapu Form is not visible so clear atleast not for all of us???What would Be Your idea,understanding, how to get proper direction???
Wish the Dust of Guru And Gauranga and there followers allways be my hearts source of inspiration and power of Life
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