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Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 7:46 pm
by Drpta
Transcendence (Превосходство). Interesting movie about artificial intelligence. ... nline.html

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Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 4:21 pm
by Drpta
With permission of Hari I want to say the story why I placed this movie here.

At one weekend I was in the park, and there they do a virtual reality amusement. It looked very funny. They gave you monitor glasses on eyes and headphones and show you an animation. And when they show, for example, a precipice opens, people fell really. When they see things, they are instinctively tried to touch them. They perceive that reality as real. People were fully engage in that reality. And I started to think if the reality we live in is a kind of very complicated program of the divine computer and we are participators of the great amusement? And this program is manipulative. And what supports this my idea is that modern scientists is already able to “print” real organs and it is not far away they print a real organism and why it have not be that any soul decided to chose this artificial organism as its body?

So what I think now. There is an energy and information. Simulated reality offer us only information. See, if you have a perfect virtual banana, you can eat it, feel the test, feel your stomach is getting full. But all these stuff do not fill your body with energy as real banana do. So, you will lose your energy gradually and die eventually. This is difference between real things and simulation. Simulation do not supply you energy. Therefore, if this world is simulation which includes energy feeding—it is nice (movie The Matrix shows this in lousy manner). But such grate simulation is very consumptive with energy feeds a "computer" and amusement will be too expensive even for highest beings, so it seems easier to create real world based on energy-informational field. And the informational part is very interesting entity. I think maya acts on this platform.

All these ideas I shared with Hari. And he answered me the following:

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Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 4:22 pm
by Drpta
Hari wrote:

Although the idea of virtual reality is interesting, the discussion about a super artificial intelligence is far more interesting and the implications are far more dramatic and real for us. This is the seed of the discussion: ... ion-1.html

Absolutely great website and the writer is a genius in his own right.

The simulated universe idea only works if the simulation is an organic one. One can say it is no different than a creation by God. You wrote about a reality that is virtual according to our present extremely limited idea of VR; namely, a computer generated image that appears in a headset or before our eyes. But a far more power computer, one that can manipulate atoms and electrons, will have the capacity to create organic life and all required sustenance for it. Please read the above link. It will explain a lot! I think you will find it fascinating!

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Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 4:25 pm
by Drpta
Then I found the movie and have it shared.

And my impression after I saw the movie is that it looks like people ever want to see only the bad and the threat in unknown and destroy it. I do not think that super high intelligence may become bad or good. Rather it would be unprejudiced and act for its own interest. And because we are still alive, it should be so.

And as the explanation of the last sentence I want to say the following:
1. If there are gods or God who have much more evolved and powerful intelligence than we have, they do not use it harmfully towards us (people).
2. If we are somehow in a kind of simulation, the intelligence controlling the simulation does not harmful towards us.
3. I do not believe that our earthy civilization is one must evolved in the entire universe and there are no other ones, more technically evolved, which could have already created artificial intelligence. But this intelligence did not destroy material life in the universe. But this might be arguable if we suppose the simulated universe. Then see point 2.
4. And in all cases there is no intelligence or any other substance which is able to harm the self of ours.

And the fact that we are alive (biologically or virtually or anyhow else) conforms that any outward intelligence does not harm us. In unprejudiced I mean it cannot cause harm to us causelessly.

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Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 7:28 am
by Drpta
Here is an interesting algorithmic problem – can we teach a machine do something which is not programmed into it? And in this plane human being is interesting too. Do we have such algorithmic limitation? Maybe our capacities are limited by the stuff putted into onboard computer of our vehicle-body.

I just wonder could AI be able formulate the tasks for itself, solve them and make conclusion as humans do? Is such an activity feature of intelligence or consciousness?