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In search of love

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2007 11:12 am
by sri
In search of love I am spending my days. And I know that others are doing the same. We are serching for love, a friend,
someone who will understand, forgive, love, simply be there. We are looking for a heart big enough to love everyone, to understand and forgive every mistake, to smilingly give us it´s hand and show us the way. We are looking for a man made of love alone. Aren´t we all looking just for him? Someone who will of the world create the World and of people Men. So that all the world can become the Love.

A reflection on the above text (written by a 15 year old me), many years later and withought the original text at hand

Days gone by were filled with searching. They were pain and struggle. Today, with You, pain and struggle have different colours. Evenings were difficult and withought any meaning. Now, they are my daily goal. They are the cure for all my problems. When heavy dark red curtains close and the white metal gate is locked, I have come to the end of my search. I take of the jewelery and clothes of the day. Cleaning of the lotus feet and putting on the evening gown. And then a few moments of conversation, my monologue, prayer, for the end of the day and beginning of the new. Feeling that when I close the doors behind me, nobody is really going to sleap. Safety and peace.

Outside, in the world people are still searching. Days and nights can be painful. Uneasiness, anxiety, search. In search of love we are spending our days. Serching for love, a friend. Someone who will forgive our mistakes and smilingly give us a hand and show the way. Someone who will understand and always be there.

I every day look at Their smiling faces, touch Their lotus feet, but I don´t really understand. I don´t understand that my serch could be over.

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 2:07 pm
by Aicha
so simple and real...
It inspires!! :)