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One of the reasons I have been reluctant to broadcast was the incredible effort required to recreate the broadcast environment in my studio which had undergone significant hardware and software changes. Today I have spend 12 hours to fix this and now I think I am ready to broadcast. I am not sure about my taconf as I have not had anyone to test it with. If taconf works then I am ready to broadcast.

I thought that I could do it twice a month to start, in other words, every other Saturday. I hope that all of you want me to do it on Saturday and I would appreciate comments on this day. It would be at the usual time to accommodate the greatest number of world-wide viewers.

Let me know. I could do the first broadcast on January 24th. Since it is the first one you can be sure there will be some troubles but I hope not many as I am testing the system now and it seems to work well. After this first broadcast I will continue each first and third Saturday. Please spread the word to all who usually want to participate.
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Thank you
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Many Thanks

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great news!

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Nice news! :005
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