Wath we see in the sky

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Wath we see in the sky

Post by Vajra »

Dear Hari

While looking at night on the sky iwas wandering all this stars( with there planet systems) which is visible to us is only the part of material world where souls existing for the tests for evolution or there are
some of them which is just heavenly regions and even spiritual worlds?

I am asking this since i got an impression that spiritual world is just another dimension world so it cannot be visible for us, although 3 dimension objects can be visible for 2 dimension world in there way at least some part of it/
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Re: Wath we see in the sky

Post by Hari »

Consider a hypothetical person who only sees in 2D. If they saw part of a 3D object, they would not be able to understand the complete image because they could only see a portion of it in 2D. In truth, all objects we perceive are 3D because nothing actually exists in a purely two dimensional plane. We can, however, create representations of three dimensional objects in two dimensions. For example, if we draw on a paper we consider the image as only having width and height. Although we accept this as a 2D representation, it is actually 3D because the pencil or pen ink has width, even if it is miniscule.

Whatever we see in space fits within our dimensional limitations. Were we to fly to some other planet, we would only have access to the dimensional properties there that we have the capacity to perceive. Assuming that all things originate in higher, more subtle realms, what we see in our 3D world is a subset of actual reality just as a 2D image is a subset of a 3D object. The celestial realms are an expanded dimension compared to our realm but are nonetheless a subset of the spiritual realm. Just as a person perceiving in 2D cannot imagine 3D reality, we cannot perceive greater dimensions. However, because our energy is spiritual and our fundamental essence is part of that spiritual dimension, we have the inherent potential to perceive these realms when our consciousness connects to the celestial or spiritual energy.

I never doubted that Rupa Gosvami, for example, could perceive and communicate with the spiritual dimensions while on the earthly plane. I think of the spiritual plane as a higher dimension within one totality of existence and therefore when he spoke to Krsna he did not have to travel somewhere to do it.

People who can connect at will to expanded dimensions are always considered madmen because those whose perception is anchored in limited dimensional space have no capacity to see or experience what an advanced spiritualist perceives. Can you imagine how hard it is for this person to explain to others what they are seeing?
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Re: Wath we see in the sky

Post by kamalamala1 »

Thank you for your answer.
This issue is so interesting.
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