Mind/Body FAQs

Garuda Pandit is an accomplished practioner and teacher of the usage of Qi in various forms. He will post texts which will help anyone learn how to use Qi and thus strengthen their body and mind.
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Mind/Body FAQs

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How is this kind of training different?

Most exercising as we know it, involves moving the body around in different ways, in order to affect certain muscles or muscle groups. Even the so-called whole body exercising, e.g., Russian kettlebells, etc., use the premise of fatiguing the large muscles of the body. Even though the kettlebells work the stabilizing musculature, it is not the same kind of training.

So, then how is this standing exercising different?

Lets take the example of standing for an extended period of time with the arms in the "Holding The Moon" position. After some time, the arms become a bit tired, and it seems difficult to hold up the arms. By relaxing the body’s larger muscle groups, the smaller muscles, i.e., the structural muscles and ligaments come into play. These muscles, ligaments and tendons are virtually never exercised or accessed when one moves quickly. So the training must begin (and end) with standing still, relaxing and feeling what happens.

What makes this mind/body exercise?

Because we use our mind to relax the body and to become aware of areas of tension, release and ultimately, intrinsic power.

What can this power be useful for?

Whatever. It is like having money in the bank"”once you have money, you can use it however you wish. But without money, there is no question of usage. Same with energy/power"”first we need to put it in our bank, then we can use it.

But my energy comes from the Universe, from God"”why train the body/mind?

It is always a good idea to keep the batteries charged. Sometimes people want to help others but neglect their own battery charge. Some great healers have died at a young age, presumably because they depleted their own energy reserves.

How do I know this will work for me? I don’t want to waste precious time for nothing!..

The Western mindset of being productive and on-the,go will be a detriment in this training. I promise you that no one has ever died from these standing exercises. Intellectualizing will not work with this. Do you really want to know if it works? Simple. Just follow the simple instructions, and find out for yourself.

I don’t want to be a martial artist, I’m a peaceful sort!.

I’m peaceful too. Remember this training is to put "money in your bank", meaning energy/power. You can use it for anything at all, but first must train and develop it.

What makes you an authority on energy/power and mind/body?

I am a practitioner, teacher and student. It is my privilege to share what has helped me.

Who taught you?

Have had many teachers for over 25 years. After many years of training, I found a great teacher in New York City. No money is exchanged for this teaching, and the teacher chooses to stay "off the radar". Very interesting.

Did you learn from books?

Books usually don’t give the details that are so essential for correct training. Those are usually reserved for "indoor students".

So you are giving away all the secrets of the indoor students?

No. Giving the lion’s share of them, though. Giving the details that we were given, everything necessary for developing the energy/power.

So, then what are you holding back?

Not exactly holding back, but much of it would not be useful for others. And since it has to do with martial arts training, I don’t feel it is directly relevant to the spirit of Harimedia.net.

If someone trains and gets more energy and internal power, doesn’t that automatically mean that they can use it for anything at all, including martial art?

I don’t believe so. Certain things require a specialized training. For instance, money is money. But if you have Indian rupees, they will not be useful in the USA. You would first have to convert the Indian rupee to US dollars, before being able to use it. Similarly, energy as a raw material has to be converted properly, in order to be used efficiently.

How long will it take?

Depends how far you want to go. If you practice every day, you’ll see within a month or two.

Anything else you can add?

After practicing for a while, you can feel as every cell of your body is relaxed. You can feel as if you have no muscles when standing there. Also you can feel as if you are continually expanding. Quite wonderful.
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