feedback on last lecture

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feedback on last lecture

Post by kamalamala1 »

Dear Hariji
Your lecture was realy Great.
It so important that you are taking away the sectarian stereotypes wich is realy hindering
to get oneself together.
And exspesialy many thanks for such a wanderfull realy amaising medetation.
I am alwayes wandering how you are doing it so deeply.

Many thanks
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Post by Nanda-grama »

I also want to thank you, dear Hari!
After your meditation all we(there was a big company) felt wonderful spiritual atmosphere, we began to share our spiritual experiences and it was so astonishingly! We very rarely associate thus. My friend told that during this meditation she found that she returned to her origin feeling of Divine which she has when only came to ISSCON. When she heard about Radha-Krishna at the first time, she understood that Radha -it was all that she always searched in her life. She felt such love from Her! She sow that this relationships grew. But when she told other devotees about it, they blamed her, called it "sahajiya", and she closed it in herself. And now during this meditation she again felt same feeling, this mutuality, and she was so happy! It was as if she would find herself again. Thank you for your wonderfull ability to create such atmosphere when it is naturally,comfortly and safely for everyone -to be himself.j
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