invite deitis

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invite deitis

Post by syama »

some time ago you spoke in the lecture about how the deitis are affected by the people worshiping them. and how the right personalities are entering the deitis after invitation and meditation by the worshipers.

since i went last days through a book-store and saw a graceful statue of an angel (which i coudn´t help but to take her home ) i´m asking now, if angel can do the same. like entering the statue to make the communication easier?

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Post by Hari »

I suppose, although I have not had a reason to try it myself, if you have a connection to an angel, perhaps your own particular angel, and you invite the angel to share consciousness with the form of the angel you purchased, you could indeed have an powerful media for communication. As the basic principle of connecting to a deity is the same and people throughout the world have used this same technique for all kinds of worship and even for tantric or other darker reasons, you can do the same thing with angelic beings.

I think you should try it and report back to us the result. I am certain you can do this if you try. Good luck and love!
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