The following recordings of the Saturday broadcasts are edited into English only versions. Some of the lectures given in Russia may contain the Russian translation. Hover your mouse over the title to read a description, and click on the title when you are ready to download it. For recordings with russian translations click here.

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Aware Act
Love is Meaning
Addiction and Meaning
Ethics and Morals
Problems with Social Liberation
On Society
Find Your Way
Channeling or Listening?
Going Against the Grain

More on Angels
Loneliness and Angelic Energy
It's Your Choice
It's Your Choice
Only One Of Us
Polarity Spin Attraction
Prisoner No Longer
Not Bound By Time
Siva Parvati and Radhe Syama
Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People?
Dimensions of Perception
Merry-Go-Round of Life
Relationships and Earth Shifts
Understand, Understood
Unconditional Love
Lecture given in Petersburg

We will experience our being by loving without fear, without expectation, without attachment, without demands, and without judging ourselves or others. We shall accept life as it is, in conscious awareness of ourselves and the universe that we are co-creating. We shall be the wonderful and powerful spiritual forces of good we are.